I hold a Level 3 qualification in Personal Training as well as a Level 3 in Gymnastics coaching.

The experiences I had working as high level gymnastics coach has had a great impact in helping me to develop the skills necessary for training others in the world of health and fitness.  As a competitive athlete myself, I have a wide range of knowledge about programming, using different training systems to produce different outcomes and the importance of recovery and nutrition. I am able to offer clients advice and knowledge through first hand experience.

How does it work?

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An initial consultation, where clients are invited down for a chat about their goals and intentions from sessions. Clients can take a look a the gym and ask any questions they need before committing to their new fitness journey.

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After this we can set some short and long-term goals. This can be anything from weight loss to building muscle or just generally getting fitter all round. I can then design a programme just for you with progress being monitored to ensure the programme can be adapted if needed. Nutritional advice and online programming are also available to compliment the programme and ensure everything is set in place to achieve your goals.


person holding black and gray barbellDesigning the programme and putting it place. After this we can work together to set days and times to train and I will be as flexible as I can.


Lets work hard and produce some results!

All sessions take place out of Cardiff PT Studio and CrossFit TG

To find out more about personal training, please fill out the form below or contact me on 07791726334 or email ajfitnessandsportsmassage@outlook.com